Construction waste

Fly ash, tailings disposal

Metal smelting and recovery

Ecoschain’s Blockchain Application

Ecoschain is focused on bringing validated cashflow-generating IoT environmental assets onto the blockchain with real-time traceable operational data provided for investors to monitor. The project’s blockchain appication covers both the asset end and the fundraising end:

Underlying Assets

operational, production, sales data real-time upload and synchronization with almost zero human interaction; real traceability and transparecy

Transaction Records

distributed ledges and blcokchain storage of all transactions pertaining to the assets on chain to realize actual traceability. All parties within the ecosystem will enjoy an authentic transparency with this revolutionizing way of tech/blcokchain-based credit-enhancement.

Digital Currency

the utilization of token for fundraising, transaction, circulation, and providing invement returns is the commonly consented future. With cryptocurrency, we can bring in diverse funds around the globe for enviromental causes, and distribute corresponding returns via smartcontracts.

ECOS Chain

ECOS Chain spontaneously forms a closed ecosystem consisting of equipment assets that continue to generate value in the environmental protection field. It no longer relies too much on the center of traditional society. With a reliable trust mechanism and value interaction system, the eco-chain platform specifies ECOS become a specific circulation token.

Ecos represents all the rights and assets of the environmental chain.

The tokens issued by the environmental protection chain are issued by the eco-coin, referred to as ECOS.

Member of the Expert Committee of the China Brownfield Restoration Alliance

Huang Xiaofeng

Academician of the American Society of Civil Engineering, member of the US Presidential Advisory Board, and certified expert of the Engineering Department of the American Civil Engineering Society

Ma Baosong

China University of Geosciences, doctoral tutor, executive director of the International Underground Logistics Society, deputy director of the China Geology and Non-excavation Professional Committee, and dean of the China-US Trench Research Institute

Li Hengfang

Master of Engineering, Visiting Professor of China University of Geosciences, Vice Chairman of China Building Block Association, Vice Chairman of the Soil Pollution Prevention Committee of China Chemical Industry Management Association, Chairman of the Board of Ruitu Ecological Co., Ltd

Du Jiandong

Vice President and Secretary General of China Building Block Association

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Ecos chain Environmental Protection Chain’s Project

ECOS Chain Environmental Protection Chain’s First Phase Project

The project was initiated by Ruitu Holdings (China) Co., Ltd., and the anchoring asset is a 600,000-ton crushing production line located in Changjiang, which can process local industrial solid waste (iron tailings) into common building materials and gravel to recycling.The total investment of the equipment assets is 10 million yuan, and the annual turnover is 20 million yuan. The asset operator is Ruitu Mingsheng Environmental Protection Building Materials (Changjiang) Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Ruitu (China).Ruitu (China) is committed to allocating 20% ​​of its income to investors with an annual return on investment of 40%.When the production line itself cannot be repaid, the investment will be converted into a credit with an annualized interest rate of 6%, Ruitu (Changjiang) promises to pay, and Ruitu (Beijing) as the main body of guarantee.


Let every participant get benefits

Due to the application of blockchain technology, the environmental protection chain spontaneously formed a system of economic value circulation, and all the environmental assets on the chain continued to generate value. All the added value passed through the digital currency and returned to the circulation market to repurchase ecos. The non-issuable nature of ecos will push ecos to reach new price levels and benefit all ecos holders. At the same time, the environmental assets project can complete the fundraising activities by mining the locks to unlock the ecos.Everything happens naturally, with ecos such a reliable trust mechanism and value interaction system, so that the environmental energy industry can develop more efficiently, so that every participant will benefit.

Exchange:ecos rises and falls in real time according to the transaction

Investor:sell ecos on the exchange in exchange for DSDT

Co-management account:The sales of the output of the assets on the chain will be converted into usdt according to a certain ratio.

The ECOS Chain team will repurchase ECOS on the exchange on a regular basis